iPhone Baseband source code leaks online [DOWNLOAD]

Just a few days ago, hackers leaked online the source codes for iBoot and BootROM. Just hours ago, yet another hacker released the source code of iPhone Baseband.

Apple Internals‏ leaks iOS Baseband source codes

A Twitter user who goes by the name, Apple Internals, just leaked the Baseband source code. This leak is a follow-up to the BootROM and iBoot leak that happened yesterday.

This source code actually went public a while ago but it was leaked only to certain hackers.

As of now, the exact details about the affected devices are unknown. However, what we do know is that this leak contains the code for multiple iPhone models.


For the uninitiated, Baseband is a device that governs cellular and wireless connectivity on Apple devices. All iPhone models contain Baseband, which comes with its own software and hardware.

You can download the leaked source code below. It comes in the form of an XCode project which anyone can compile easily.

Download this ZIP archive as soon as possible because Apple will take it down. If the download link stops working, drop a comment below. I will re-upload it to another website.

Download Baseband source code

How can this leak prove useful?

Carrier unlock tools

As you already know, Baseband controls all the cellular stuff that goes on on your iPhone.

This could very well lead to unlock tools for carrier-locked iPhone models in the future.

If hackers are able to pinpoint a good few security vulnerabilities and develop exploits based on them, there’s no good reason as to why we can’t get an unlock tool.

iPhone unlock

Hopefully, ultrasn0w iPhone unlock tool will make a comeback after this fiasco.

Security Research

Having an XCode project really simplifies things for the Baseband hackers. All you need to have to compile it is use a Mac and fire up XCode.


Renowned jailbreak developer and iOS hacker, Chronic, had a thriving unlock business back in the day. Hopefully, he will be able to put this source code to good use.

He also hinted at a comeback so this theory doesn’t seem far-fetched at all.

Unthrottle Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm chips are more powerful than their Intel counterparts. Apple purposely downgrades the performance of Qualcomm’s chips so as to bring them to Intel’s levels.

This leak will allow hackers to poke around in the source code and find a way to unthrottle iPhone models with Qualcomm chips.

This leak is just the part #2 of the series of leaks targeting Apple devices. I am pretty sure we will get our hands on some more goodies tomorrow. Let’s see what hackers have got in store for us!

How will this leak proves useful according to you? Leave your comments below.


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