Asteroid – Animated system-wide weather information

Another day, another tweak. Asteroid brings a slick live weather animation to your iPhone. Here’s how you can download this tweak for your Apple device.

How Asteroid works

The stock Weather app comes with a slew of cool weather animations. Unfortunately, those animations are limited to the Weather app. This new tweak lets you view those slick weather animations both inside and outside the app. 

Asteroid adds a live weather animation wallpaper to both your iPhone’s lock screen and home screen. It is developed by Jake and Auxilium Development Team member MidnightChips.

Aptly named, Asteroid is the spiritual successor to legendary jailbreak tweaks like Forecast and Meteor. Apart from the home screen and lock screen, the Weather app also shows the current temperature as well as weather data.

The lock screen can be tweaked to displaying the weather forecast. You can also customize it to display the iOS 12 weather widget on your lock screen, which is not available on iOS 11 and below firmware versions.

Here’s a video demonstration of this amazing tweak.


General Settings

General Settings allow you to configure general options that are applied globally.

  • Refresh Rate (1.0) – Sets the refresh rate of weather checks. You can set it to any value from 1.0 to 61.0. Setting the refresh rate to 1.0 will allow the tweak to check for weather updates every second but it could also possibly lead to battery loss.    

Lock Screen

  • Enable Greeting View (on) – Enables greeting view – the lock screen weather widget that is available exclusively on iOS 12.
  • Hide Greeting View on Notification (on) – Hides the weather widget when there are notifications. You should enable this if you want to see your notifications whenever you access your lock screen.
  • Lockscreen Components  
    • Enable Pleasantry (40.0) – Sets the size of the pleasantry.
    • Enable Weather Description (20.0) – Sets the size of the weather description.
    • Enable Current Temperature (50.0) – Sets the current temperature text size.
    • Enable Dismiss Button (on) – Enables the dismiss button on the lock screen.
    • Enable Glyph (on) – Enables glyph on the lock screen.
    • Enable Notification Reminder (on) – Enables notification reminder in-text.
    • Enable Blur (on) – Enables blur effect.
    • Enable Weather Preview (off) – Enables weather preview on lock screen. You must disable this option if you enabled the greeting view before.
    • Enable Weather Forecast Info (off) – Enables weather forecast info on lock screen. Toggle this option off if you are using the greeting view.
  • Inactivity Timer (1.0) – Sets the time after which the lock screen view is displayed.
  • Enable Custom Font (off) – Sets a custom font for your lock screen. If you enable it, select the desired font from the “Select Custom Font” option.
  • Set Text Color – Sets the text color. The default value is #FFFFFF, which goes along well with almost all kinds of backgrounds.
  • Use Custom Glyph Image (on) – Sets the glyph image.
  • Select Weather Glyph Type (Outline Image) – Selects the weather glyph style. Set it to “Filled Solid Color” and ensure the color is #FFFFFF if you want to replicate the iOS 12 weather widget.
  • Blur Amount (6.0) – Sets the blur amount.     

Home Screen

  • Hide Dock (on) – Makes home screen dock transparent.
  • Hide Folders (on) – Makes home screen folders transparent.

Live Weather

  • Enable Lock Screen (on) – Enable/Disable live weather on lock screen.
  • Enable Home Screen (on) – Enable/Disable live weather on home screen.
  • Choose Custom Conditions (off) – Enables custom animations on the home screen. Keep this setting turned off to ensure the weather changes dynamically.
  • Hide Live Weather Background (off) – Hides background of live weather while keeping the animation. This setting is useful if you want to retain your original wallpaper while still having a weather animation overlay.  

Weather App Icon

  • Enable Weather Icon Customization (on) – Enables tweaking weather icon.
  • Enable Weather App icon Background (on) – Enable/Disable live weather background on the weather app screen.
  • Custom Weather Conditions for Weather App (off) – Enables custom weather animations regardless of the current weather.
  • Set Weather App background Color (on) – Sets custom background color for the weather app.  

Once you set everything up, as shown above, your home screen, lock screen, and the weather app should look something like this.   

Remember, be sure to set a secondary location for the Weather app, in addition to the local weather. If you rely only on automatic location, the tweak will not display weather information. 

Download Asteroid Cydia tweak

If you are looking for a modern Meteor alternative or a free tweak to spruce your setup up, Asteroid is definitely worth a try. This tweak is so good, it should sell for at least three dollars or perhaps even more. Highly recommended.

If you intend to use this on your Apple device, don’t forget to donate to the amazing developers behind this project. You can donate to MidnightChips and Jake using their PayPal donation links below – 

Asteroid is available for download on Dynastic Development repository ( for free. It is compatible with iOS 11 and above versions. 

For those interested in the inner workings of the tweak or just want to rip it apart, can browse MidnightChips’ Github repository.

Known issues and bugs

  • The stock notifications may disappear while unlocking. To fix that, you can either restart the SpringBoard or lock and unlock your device a few times to restore your notifications. The developers intend to push a fix in a new update soon. 

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