Apple’s Internal Battery Diagnostic Utility leaks online

Apple intends to release a new battery app for iOS 11. Here’s a preview of how this new app might look like and the information it will display to the user.

How Apple checks your battery

Although iOS continuously keeps a tab on the battery, it never reveals useful information such as the number of charge cycles, etc.

Apple’s technicians have access to an internal diagnostic tool that displays advanced data about the battery. Here’s how this tool looks like.

It displays in-depth data such as battery usage, condition, device details, and the iOS version. It can also access your device remotely to and spit out all the data.

100% battery level indicates that the device is currently charging. When the battery level begins to fall, those points indicate that the user is now actively using his device and consuming different levels of juice.

This data is also available to the user in Settings, not in such a detailed manner of course.

How Apple’s internal Battery diagnostic tool works

The white dot indicates the current state of a device’s battery. This dot tells us about the health of a battery depending on which section it is present in.

Here’s what the different colors signify –

  • Green section indicates that the current state of the battery is fine and it needs no replacement.
  • Yellow section indicates that the battery works fine but is showing some signs of wear and tear over time.
  • Red section indicates that the battery is no longer fit for daily usage and needs a replacement as soon as possible.

The dot begins following a simple trajectory as soon you purchase a new device. It is present in the top left corner in the green section and subsequently moves to the yellow section and finally to the red section.

The more you charge your device, the more the dot secedes from the “Passed” section.

Once the Apple technician confirms that the dot is in the “Failed” section, they then suggest replacing the battery.

How can I access this data?

This is an Apple internal utility and will likely never be released to the general public.

However, Apple will surely incorporate some of its features in an iOS app in the wake of the Batterygate scandal.

According to me, such an app will come with iOS 11.3 beta firmware update. If you are running a jailbreak, you can already access advanced data about your battery by using various tweaks and MTerminal commands.

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