Apple is developing micro-LED displays for future iPhone models

Apple is reportedly manufacturing display units in-house for its future devices. Here’s when the Cupertino giant will start incorporating its very own display units in iPhone.

Future iPhones will come with Apple’s micro-LED displays

Apple sources the display units, among other components, for its devices from Samsung and other manufacturers. However, this is about to change quickly as Apple is purportedly working on its own screens.

Although OLED/AMOLED is the display technology of choice for most smartphone companies, Apple seems to have other plans.

The Cupertino company will ditch the popular OLED standard in favor of the micro-LED technology.

iPhone Micro LED

Codenamed “T159”, this project is headed by Lynn Youngs, who has worked extensively on iPhone displays in the past.

Currently, a team of 300 engineers is working on the ambitious micro-LED technology in a research facility in Santa Clara, California. This facility is located not too far away from the iconic Apple Park. 

For the uninitiated, micro-LED outperforms the aging OLED display in almost all areas. These screens will be brighter, thinner, and, above all, consume a lot less energy as compared to other displays.

When will Apple introduce micro-LED displays? 

Since the project is still in the R&D phase, it will easily take Apple three to four years to equip iPhones with micro-LED screens.

Apple Watch will likely be the first device that will receive this new technology.

For now, iPhone and other iOS devices will continue to come with the tried-and-trusted LCD screen.

iPhone X plus

Apple has run into a lot of problems with Samsung and other manufacturers of late so this is a good decision on their part. They seem to be “all in” considering the number of startups they have acquired in the recent past.

If they really decide to implement micro-LED in future devices, it will definitely reduce their over-dependence on arch-rival Samsung.

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