5 iOS 11 Features Apple will Steal from Jailbreak Tweaks

Just like every other iOS version, Apple will steal jailbreak tweaks and implement them in iOS 11. Here’s a list of 5 Cydia tweaks which I believe Apple will steal in iOS 11.

5 iOS 11 Features Apple will Steal from Jailbreak Tweaks

1. Noctis

Apple will implement a system-wide dark mode in iOS 11. They will take inspiration from jailbreak tweaks such as Noctis and Eclipse.


2. FlipControlCenter

iOS 11 may “open” up the Control Center a bit. We might have the ability to use customize switches in the Control Center.


This feature has been available for jailbreak users for a long time. Simply install FlipControlCenter and you are good to go.

3. Sonus

As you already know, the volume HUD obscures the entire screen while you use an app. Apple will likely implement a volume bar similar to Sonus in iOS 11.

Here’s what Sonus looks like in action.

sonus cydia tweak

4. Anchor

Vanilla iOS does not allow users to place icons where ever they want to. You must place icons in the first spot and then move onto the second one.

With Anchor, you can place them on any spot. Here’s a video demonstration of how Anchor works.

This feature has been present on Android since ages and it would be good to have it in iOS 11. Hopefully, Apple will allow us to do that this time around.

5. BioProtect

Apple will allow you to restrict access to applications using TouchID. This feature will be ripped off straight from BioProtect. Here’s what this tweak looks like.


TouchID is an underutilized feature and BioProtect-like functionality will make it so much more useful.

That’s it! No matter how enticing iOS 11 looks, do not upgrade. Keep using your jailbroken device because tweak developers will port many features over to iOS 10 very soon.

Which jailbreak tweaks do you think will Apple rip off in iOS 11? Let us know the comments section below.

  • Daniel Yankovich

    (this has nothing to do with your article sorry lol) I found an ipod touch 4th gen about 2 weeks ago, did a reset on it to get access to it, and found that it was on ios 6.1.6. Is that jailbreakable? and if not, can I update its firmware magically to an ios version that is jailbreakable? And how would I jailbreak it? lol probably no tweaks work with it tbh but I think its pretty cool to find something that i can test an untethered jailbreak on.

    • No problem, Daniel. Yes, iOS 6.1.6 is jailbreak-able with p0sixpwn. Should I send you the download link now? I am in the process of adding a dedicated page for all legacy devices.

      • Daniel Yankovich

        I have figured out how to download using p0sixpwn, but it says
        Error “p0sixpwn requires iTunes 9 or above!” Could you help with this? Thanks in advance.

        • Try using the latest version of iTunes.