15 iOS 11 Features Apple Stole from Jailbreak Tweaks

Apple has stolen a lot of ideas from the jailbreak community for iOS 11. Here’s a list of Cydia tweaks that have become a part of the native operating system.

Little is left to innovate in the design of mobile operating systems now. As expected, Apple is now turning towards jailbreak tweaks for fresh ideas.

ios 11 firmware

I don’t mean to demean Apple because there’s only so much they can do with every update. It would be seriously unfair to expect Apple to bring something new each time.

Just like everything else, this has its upsides and downsides, which I will be discussing in detail in the future.

1. Screen Recorder

After 9 years, Apple has finally added screen recording to iOS. This feature has been stolen from CCRecord Cydia tweak.

ios 11 screen recorder

2. Lock Screen Notifications

iOS 11 ditched the Notification Center altogether and combines notifications with the lock screen itself. Here’s how the new lock screen looks like.

ios 11 lock screen

This new lock screen notification look has been ripped off from CleanNotifications10.

3. Customizable Control Center

Control Center now includes low power mode and cellular data toggles. It has a modular design and allows customization, unlike older iOS versions.

ios 11 control center

This feature has been lifted from Polus, CCLowPower, FlipControlCenter and Onizuka Cydia tweaks.

Here’s a demonstration of the new Control Center.

iOS 11 Control Center

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Friday, June 9, 2017

4. One Page Control Center

Apple has retired the multi-page Control Center that was present in iOS 10. The new Control Center has a single page that is divided into modules.

This feature has been picked up from Horseshoe Cydia tweak.

5. One-handed Keyboard

one handed keyboard ios11

iOS 11 allows you to type with a single hand using its one-handed keyboard. This feature has been available for quite some time to jailbreakers. This feature has been lifted from OneHandKeyboard tweak.

6. Night Mode

As expected, Dark Mode (Smart Invert) is now a part of iOS. Smart Invert inverts the colors of iOS interface which gives the impression of a night mode.

ios 11 smart invert

Although Smart Invert is not a full-blown dark mode, it’s still close. Moreover, UIKit framework does contain a system-wide dark mode that Apple might enable in a stable release.

This feature has been stolen from Noctis and Eclipse Cydia tweaks.

7. iPad Dock

Thew new iPad dock floats and allows you to add as many applications as you like.

ios 11 ipad

This feature has clearly been stolen from Harbor Cydia tweak.

8. Sleek Volume HUD

After repeated complaints by users, Apple has finally replaced the intrusive volume HUD. The new replacement volume HUD looks a lot like Sonus and ByeByeHUD.

9. Signal Bars

ios 11 homescreen

iOS 11 switches over to the classic signal bars while replacing the dots. This feature was already available in Bars Cydia tweak.

10. Airplane Mode doesn’t Disable WiFi/Bluetooth 

Enabling Airplane Mode on iOS 11 no longer disables WiFi and/or Bluetooth. This feature has been taken from Keep On Airplane Mode tweak.

11. Files App

Android has had this feature since years. Finally, Apple has added a file manager as well. Although it’s a less powerful than Filza or iFile, it’s still based on the same concept.

Here’s a demonstration of the new Files app.

Files app on iOS 11

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Friday, June 9, 2017

12. Drag-and-Drop 

The new Drag-and-Drop feature on iOS 11 allows you to seamlessly exchange information between applications.

This feature has been available on jailbroken devices for a long time. All you need to is install Snapper Cydia tweak and you’re good to go.

Here’s a video demonstration of the drag-and-drop feature on iOS 11.

Drag-and-drop on iOS 11

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Friday, June 9, 2017

Here’s how Snapper works.

13. Move Multiple Apps at Once

iOS 11 now gives you the ability to move multiple application icons at once. This feature has been stolen from MultiIconMover tweak.

Move multiple icons at once in iOS 11

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Friday, June 9, 2017


14. Resize Apps in Multitasking

You can resize applications from Multitasking in iOS 11. Although this is a minor feature, it has still been stolen from Gorgone tweak.

15. Keep Screenshot on Screen for Annotation 

This feature has been stolen from Whiteboard and Scriblit Cydia tweaks.

Just as I predicted, Apple copied Night Mode, Solus, and other Cydia tweaks. A lot of Cydia tweaks are going to become obsolete now.

Did I miss any other feature that was copied from a tweak? Let me know in the comments section below.

Hopefully, we will get a new iOS 11 jailbreak soon. For more jailbreak scene news, subscribe to our social channels.

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