Apple to replace iPhone 7/7 plus with microphone issues on iOS 11.3

After iOS 11.3’s release, the iPhone 7/7 plus microphone abruptly stopped working for quite a few users. Apple has confirmed the issue and will be replacing faulty devices soon.

iOS 11.3 update messes up iPhone 7 microphone

The iPhone 7 is a solid device, even in 2018, and has stayed bug-free ever since its release. However, the status quo seems to be changing as the latest iOS 11.3 update breaks its microphone.

This causes audio issues while you are in the middle of a call or using FaceTime. The loudspeaker button can also turn grey rendering it unusable.

Moreover, audio playback can also stop while playing videos or songs.

iPhone microphone

Apparently, there are a few fixes that you can try before jumping the gun and getting your device replaced.

Apple recommends users with affected devices to disconnect all Bluetooth devices.

How can you get your iPhone replaced?

Apple recently instructed all Apple Stores to replace faulty iPhone 7/7 plus devices. This program also covers devices that have run out of warranty.

To get it replaced, Apple Store employees will first verify that your microphone is indeed faulty. Once they confirm that, they will replace your current device with a new iPhone.

Unfortunately, Apple can’t fix this problem with a software patch – you must get your device replaced. Thankfully enough, this problem doesn’t manifest in all iPhone 7 models and only a few devices are affected.

Since Apple replaces faulty devices with older models, your new device might even come with a jailbreak-able firmware version.

Also, Apple will renew the warranty period even if your previous warranty is no longer valid.

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