Stunning iPhone X-inspired Concept for all Apple Devices

iPhone X has dazzled one and all with its futuristic design. But what if this design was extended to all Apple devices?

Futuristic iPhone X-inspired Design

iPhone X is the first Apple device ever to remove the edges completely. Apple’s latest flagship smartphone also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the smartphone era.

The future will be dominated by edge-to-edge displays, facial recognition-ready devices. This holds true especially for Apple’s device lineup since they will soon be implementing this design in all their devices.

This concept gives us a sneak peek of Apple’s device lineup would look if Apple embraced iPhone X’s futuristic design. Here’s how it looks like in action.

Will Apple implement this design?

According to me, this concept is not far-fetched at all. Apple will be implementing FaceID and TruDepth camera in the upcoming iPad Pro.

So there’s no good reason why other devices will be left out.

iPhone and iPad

The next iPhone will certainly ditch the older design and embrace the new iPhone X-esque look. This holds true for the upcoming iPad models as well.

Apple Watch

Apple will reboot the Apple Watch since its design has stayed the same throughout the years. A facial recognition-ready watch also makes sense.


iMac will certainly have a borderless display in the future. The time is ripe for Apple to experiment with its computer since it, too, has a dated design now.

This is just a concept and Apple may not exactly copy this. However, we can expect a major design reboot in the next few years across Apple’s entire device lineup.

What do you think about this concept – is it cool or a bit too far-fetched for 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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