Apple to replace iPhone battery for $29, add a native Battery Life app

After getting stuck in the Batterygate quagmire, Apple has finally decided to settle the issue once and for all. Here’s how Apple plans to counter all the negative press it’s getting.

Apple takes a lot of heat about Batterygate

As you already know, Apple openly admitted to slowing down iOS devices with an aging battery a few days ago.

While their intentions were noble and this was done in order to protect a device, Apple faced a lot of flak for doing so.

For those who don’t know, Apple deliberately throttled performance on devices with older batteries. This “power management system” is a part of iOS 10.2.1 and above firmware versions.


Following the “Batterygate” scandal, disgruntled iPhone users began suing Apple for several million dollars all over the world.

Apple is now in full damage control mode about this fiasco and here’s how it intends to counter it.

How will Apple counter this?

1. Low-cost Battery replacement

Apple will kick off a new low-cost battery replacement program in the coming year. It will offer a whopping $50 discount for out-of-warranty devices.

Users who own an iPhone 6 or above can get a battery replacement for just $29.

Generally, a regular battery replacement costs $79 and about $70 in unauthorized stores.

iPhone Battery Life

Due to the nature of this “scandal”, Apple will keep this program operational for an entire year. If you have an aging battery, you can take advantage of this program until December 2018.

I couldn’t ascertain whether users got their battery replaced earlier will receive anything.

Pro Tip – Get a replacement in early January and another one in late December. Doing so will allow you to get two batteries for the price of one.

Just ensure that Apple employees do not update your iPhone if you are running a jailbreak.  

2. Native Battery information app

Apple also plans to release a new iOS 11 firmware update sometime in early 2018.

This update will come with a stock application that will display advanced battery life data to the users.


It will specifically tell you whether or not the condition of the battery will affect your iPhone’s performance.

What are you going to do? Will you wait for a jailbreak tweak to fix it or are you interested in getting a replacement? Leave your comments below.

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