Apple Bans VPN apps in China and How you can Bypass it

As you already know, the communist government of China heavily censors the internet. They are about to crack down on users’ privacy even more now that they have forced Apple to pull VPN apps off the App Store.

Apple Bans VPN apps in Chinese App Store

The Chinese government has successfully coerced Apple into removing VPN apps. Chinese users can no longer download popular apps as AirVPN, IP Vanish, StarVPN, ExpressVPN, etc.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to circumvent the limits imposed by the government.

Here’s a tweet from ExpressVPN’s Twitter account.

This ban is limited only to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can continue using all Virtual Prive Network solutions on macOS or other platforms.

Here’s a dead simple way for Chinese users to bypass this restriction.

How to Bypass the ban on VPN apps

Step 1 Go this URL and create a new Apple ID. We will take advantage of the fact that Apple allows you to download apps based on your Apple ID country and not your current geographical area.

Step 2 Choose your country as the United States. Setting your country to the US will allow you to freely install any app as these limitations don’t exist there.

new apple id

Step 3 Install VPN apps from the App Store. That’s it!

This move will only serve to make jailbreaking even more popular than it is now. For those who don’t know, all such restrictions cease to exist when you jailbreak your iPhone.

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