Jailbreakers are Drooling over this new App Switcher+CC Concept!

There’s no dearth of cool new concepts in the jailbreak community. Most of them seem pretty average but some are like diamonds in the rough and truly deserve to be realized. Here’s one such App Switcher concept.

Integrated App Switcher+Control Center concept

This concept merges the App Switcher and Control Center in one view. The main highlight of this concept is its integration of iOS 11 modular Control Center.

Here’s a video demonstration of this new concept.

pp Switcher+CC Concept

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Saturday, August 19, 2017

It truly feels like a modern Auxo, which is considered a legendary jailbreak tweak by many jailbreakers, including me.

You can already get this functionality in SwitcherCC jailbreak tweak. It provides the exact same functionality with the exception of iOS 11 Control Center.

Since it is designed for iOS 10, it only utilizes the stock version of Control Center.

Will this concept be realized?

Unlike other concepts, this once can be realized relatively easily. It has also been realized in the past by developers Ian Burns and Xpod.

Their Cydia tweak is called Vertex and officially supports iOS 7 and 8 only. Regardless of its compatibility, you can still run it on iOS 9 but try not to install it on iOS 10 firmware.


Another developer who goes by the name Skittyblock is already working on it. He will likely update his existing tweak or develop a new one from scratch.

Either way, we will be getting what we want in the end.

Are you stoked for this new concept? Let us know in the comments section below.

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