How to Fix Anemone Slowing Down iPhone, iPad, iPod

A lot of users have reported that Anemone is slowing down their device. Here’s a quick workaround for this problem.

Why does Anemone slow down my device?

It’s not uncommon to experience performance issues with Anemone on iOS 10. The problem lies with Yalu jailbreak tool. It has been broken since the beginning.

Hence, Coolstar hasn’t been able to make his theming engine fully stable.

anemone tweak

However, the new extra_recipe jailbreak looks promising. A stable build might come if extra_recipe becomes compatible with all devices.

Now onto the tutorial.

How to Fix Anemone Slowing Down iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Step 1 Download and install iCleaner Pro from this Cydia repo – If you already have iCleaner Pro, move onto the next step.

Step 2 Open iCleaner Pro.

Step 3 Tap + Sign > Cydia Substrate Addons > Disable all Anemone addons. Disabling dylibs is very safe. If something goes haywire, you can simply go back and enable them.

anemone dylibs

Step 4 Enable these daemons –

  • Anemone
  • AnemoneCORE
  • AnemoneICONS
  • AnemoneUIKIT
  • AnemoneIconEffects

It will continue to function if AnemoneCore.dylib and Anemone.dylib are enabled. You can also disable AnemoneUIKIT but it will break the functionality of some themes.

Step 5 Apply and respring.

Is Anemone Still Slowing down your device?

This will make your iPhone, iPad or iPod perform faster. Remember, always use the latest version of Anemone. The new version brings many changes for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users and increases stability.

The developer regularly releases performance updates and fixes. So if you experience lags or poor performance, try the latest version.

If it is still slowing down your device, leave a comment below.

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