Android Oreo, Samsung Oreo, EmojiOne emoji port for iOS

Admit it, stock iOS emojis are good but they tend to become boring after a while. Here are a few new emoji fonts from Android, Samsung, and EmojiOne that will keep spruce up your emoji keyboard.

Why should you use Android Oreo and EmojiOne fonts?

Android Oreo and Samsung Oreo come with redesigned emojis that are way better than those of iOS.

EmojiOne, the open source emoji standard, isn’t too far behind with its all-new 2017 pack. Their font features a whole other kind of emojis called the “decal-sticker”.

Here’s a preview of this font.

EmojiOne decal sticker style

You can download any of these fonts using the links below.

These new packs will give your device an entirely new look. My personal favorite is the decal sticker style and I highly recommend you use this font.

  • Important – These fonts will not work without jailbreak or a functional file manager.

Download Emoji packs


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Cydia
  • EmojiPort Cydia tweak
  • Filza file manager (iOS 10 or above)
  • Bytafont (iOS 9 or below)

How to install Emoji packs on iOS [with jailbreak]

iOS 10-11.1.2

Step 1 Install EmojiPort tweak from Any third-party or custom fonts will not work without this tweak.


Step 2 Download the ZIP pack of your choice from the links above and unzip the archive.

Step 3 Open Filza file manager. You can download this app from BigBoss Cydia repository if you don’t have it.

Step 4 Backup the following files by adding “bak” at the end of the filename. Backing up stock system files is important and gives you something to fall back to just in case something goes wrong.

Step 5 Now transfer the [email protected] file you extracted in step 1 to /System/Library/Fonts/Core using Filza.

ios 11 emojis on ios 10

Step 6 Respring your device.

The exact method also works with iOS 11-11.1.2 firmware but I am yet to test EmojiPort those versions.

iOS 6-9.3.5

Step 1 Install BytaFont tweak on your Apple device. Remember, version 3 works for iOS 9 whereas versions 2 and 1 work for iOS 7-8 and iOS 5-6 respectively.

Bytafont 3 tweak

Step 2 Add this source to Cydia –

Step 3 Open BytaFont and go to Swap Mode > Emoji and tap on the requisite font to enable it.

Step 4 Restart springboard.

Step 5 To uninstall this font, simply open BytaFont again and restore the backup.

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