Anytime, Amazon’s Messaging app, will Compete with WhatsApp

Amazon is the biggest player in the online shopping space. In the last few years, they have increasingly been branching out to other online ventures. Here are some details about Amazon’s latest exploits from the messaging arena.

Amazon is working on a Messaging app    

From streaming video platforms to smart speakers, Amazon has no qualms in experimenting with new products to increase its online presence. 

A few years ago, Amazon launched their own online app store. In 2017, Amazon wants to move onto greener pastures and target the lucrative messenger market.

Anytime might be the name of a new messenger app that Amazon is currently working on. In the last few days, many reports have surfaced online suggesting Amazon wants to compete with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

amazon anytime

This new messaging service will allow users to send text, audio, video, pictures just like WhatsApp. Since this app will come from Amazon, users will be able to make purchases directly.

It is currently unclear how far Amazon has gone with this idea.


Anytime will be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. The service may also be integrated with Echo or Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. This will allow users to send messages with ease.

Can Amazon Anytime beat Whatsapp?

Amazon’s success in the overly saturated messaging arena depends on a lot of factors. How Amazon differentiates itself from its competitors that are already established.

The only way they can succeed at this is by integrating it with their shopping platform. They have huge success with Amazon Prime and leveraging it for their launch will be crucial.

whatsapp iphone

Aside from the shopping angle, I don’t think they will be able to beat WhatsApp with their messaging features alone. It’s way too big to compete with now.

Amazon is yet to officially release Anytime and hence any information available right now is purely speculative.

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