How to get AirPower’s Wireless Charging sound on iOS 11

AirPower comes with own new sound and, as always, iPhone enthusiasts want it to switch over to it. Here’s how you can get AirPower’s wireless charging sound without jailbreak on iOS 11 firmware.

AirPower’s Wireless Charging Sound 

iOS 11 comes with a new charging sound for specifically for wireless charging.

AirPower wireless charging sound is present on all devices running iOS 11, you can use it only if you use the wireless charging station.

For the uninitiated, AirPower is a wireless charging station for the iPhone.

Here’s the wireless charging sound of AirPower of iOS 11.

Since the sound is already present on our device, we can actually modify it in such a manner so that it plays during default charging as well.

Before you move onto the tutorial, keep in mind that the process is totally safe. However, I would still recommend waiting for a tweak if you are a novice user.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • iOS 11 firmware
  • FilzaEscaped

How to get AirPower’s Charging Sound on iOS 11 

Step 1 Download FilzaEscaped file manager from here. Install it on your iOS device and open it.

Step 2 Go to this location – /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.

Step 3 Locate the following audio files with .caf format –

  • connect_power.caf
  • engage_power.caf

Step 4 Move them to the previous folder.

Step 5 Now you need to interchange the names of these files. Rename the “connect_power.caf” to “engage_power.caf” and “engage_power.caf” to “connect_power.caf”. Ensure you add a “_” in the file names.

Step 6 Reboot your device. Now the new sound will play each time you plug your iPhone in for charging (wired).

Here’s a video demonstration of this new charging new sound.

Once the new charging sound plays, the annoying “ding” sound will still be there. To remove it, you can download a better version here. This file doesn’t have that annoying sound at the very beginning.

Simply transfer it to the aforementioned location and replace the connect_power.caf file with it.

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