Duo – Add a second page to Control Center

Another day, another tweak. Duo extends the functionality of the stock Control Center on iOS 11. Grab this tweak for your Apple device below.

How Duo works

iOS 10 had a dual-page Control Center. However, iOS 11 marks a departure from this design while embracing a modular interface. This new tweak adds an additional page to your CC while still preserving its original aesthetic.

Duo brings a dual-page Control Center to iOS 11 and lets you customize it however you want. It is developed by Muirey03, who is a member of the famed Auxilium Development Team.

Here’s how it looks like in action.

Duo comes with a very user-friendly preferences page. You can set everything up and get it up and running within seconds!

Here’s what each of these options does and how you can use them to modify your Control Center setup.

  • Enable tweak – Add an additional page to the Control Center.
  • Customize Modules – Add or remove modules to the second page. Remember, adding modules from this option will automatically remove them from the first page. For example, if you add the “Low Power Mode” module to the new page, it will disappear from the default page.

  • Open on previous page – Open the Control Center on the second page, instead of the default first page. Disable this option unless you want to go straight to the second page as soon you fire up your Control Center.

Download Duo Cydia Tweak

If you want to declutter your Control Center or simply want to modify your setup, this tweak is worth an install. Recommended.

But before you go ahead and download it, be sure to disable any other tweak that may conflict with it. As of right now, its current version conflicts with the 2×2 modules of BetterCCXI.

In addition, the tweak essentially disables itself in landscape orientation.

Duo is available for download on Packix repo for $1.00. It is compatible with iOS 11.

Here are a few more jailbreak tweaks that will allow you to modify your Control Center in a lot of cool ways.

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