ActIf 2 – Set Conditions for Activator

Another day, another tweak. Here’s how it works.

How ActIf 2 Works

ActIf 2 Cydia tweak allows you set conditionals for Activator. It is developed by tweak developer Jay Zuerndorfer.

With Activator, you can set “listeners” and “actions”Listeners are activated when a user performs something, such as double-clicking the home button. Each listener is connected to a specific action such as launching flashlight.

Here’s how Activator works in its vanilla form.

[listener > action]

After installing this tweak, Activator checks a condition and performs a task if it is true, or a different task if it is false. Here’s how it works.

[(listener > condition) & (condition true -> action) | (condition failed -> action)]

Actif 2 is really simple to configure –

  • Set up conditions in ActIf 2 application.
  • Respring.
  • Link the conditions to triggers/actions in Activator.

For example, you can use it to enable Noctis when Music is not playing.


You can also automatically disable it when music is playing to toggle Masq Cydia tweak.


Here are a few more use cases –

  • Check for 2 different WiFi names.
  • Set buttons that change behavior when music is playing.

If ActIf is working fine, there’s no need to update to the latest version. Here are the improvements in version 2 –

  • Create unlimited conditions instead of just 3 conditions in the older version.
  • Other developers can contribute more conditions.

Download ActIf 2 Tweak

It is a solid Cydia tweak for proactive users and helps you stay productive. Highly recommended.

ActIf 2 is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is compatible only with iOS 10.

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