iOS 12 to introduce 70 new emoji characters for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Apple recently announced the addition of 70 new emojis to iOS 12 in a Newsroom update. The new emojis will become available to Apple users later this year.

70 new emoji characters coming soon to iOS 

New emoji characters include a cold face, party face, pleading face, and a heart face. The new character set will also feature exotic animals (kangaroos, lobsters, parrots) and food items (mooncake, mango, lettuce, cupcake, etc).

It will also allow users to create new emojis and personalize them with different hairstyles and skin colors.

Apple will create these new characters with the all-new Unicode 11.0 character set.

Although Memojis are better than these stock emojis, a lot of users still use older devices and rely on stock characters.

Here’s hoping Apple will also add a search feature or better segmentation considering the number of emojis that are already present in iOS.

When will Apple release the new emojis?

Apple has yet to state an official release date. According to the Newsroom article, the new characters will arrive on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this fall, probably with iOS 12.

Apple Watch and macOS, too, will receive the new emojis with the upcoming public builds of macOS 10.14 and watchOS 5.

iOS 12

Although the beta versions of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave are already available for testers, the Unicode 11.0 character set is not yet available for use.

The reason being is that this standard was approved on June 5. Major smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Google will incorporate Unicode 11.0 only in the upcoming software updates.

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