Mila432 Releases Offsets for all 64-bit Devices on iOS 10.2-10.3.1

An unknown jailbreak community member has just made public offsets for all 64-bit devices. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Mila432 dumps Offsets for iOS 10.2-10.3.1

A relatively unknown member, who goes by the name Mila432, has just dumped the offsets for iOS 10.2-10.3.1. He has only made public the offsets for 64-bit iOS devices, not 32-bit devices.

Finding an offset is quite a tedious task and involves disassembling kernel cache of the IPSW firmware file. This can take hours upon hours even with the right tools until you get access to the offsets.

Offsets start with “0x” and here’s what they actually look like.

ziva offsets

Not many people, including myself, know about this particular member. However, he was also responsible for adding offsets for yalu jailbreak. Therefore, anything that comes from him is highly reliable.

Tweak developer Antique Dev is also working on dumping these offsets but I guess we wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

Why are these offsets useful?

These offsets will allow the average user as well as developers to run Adam Dodenfeld’s ziVA exploit on their 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Moreover, when we do get a jailbreak does in the future, we wouldn’t need to find offsets individually then. This will save a lot of time and the jailbreak will be ready to use on all 64-bit devices.


Remember, this exploit alone will not jailbreak your device because we are still missing a few more patches. Nevertheless, it’s great for testing purposes and gives you a rough idea of how an exploit works.

I will also post an in-depth guide on what offsets are and how they work very soon.

Will you be testing Adam’s exploit on your device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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