All 2017 iPhone Models will have 3GB RAM and Quick Charge

Today I have some good news for all you iPhone addicts. All upcoming iPhone models apart from the iPhone 8 will receive a significant hardware upgrade.

3GB RAM and Quick Charge Upgrade

2017 is bound to be a great year for Apple as the iPhone will be completely overhauled in the wake of Apple’s tenth anniversary.

The iPhone 8 will come with a large OLED display, advanced sensors and many other features.

According to Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri, along with iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will also come loaded with 3GB of RAM, quick charge feature and a Lightning USB cable.

A greater amount of RAM will mean your device will run much faster. It will be able to run heavier applications quickly.

iphone 8

All three upcoming iPhone models will feature a USB-C Lightning cable for quick charge.

iPhone 7s Hardware Details

A RAM upgrade wouldn’t surprise me because the iPhone 7 Plus already comes with 3GB of RAM. So it’s natural that Apple would offer some hardware upgrade to newer iPhone models.

iphone 7s

The upcoming iPhone 7s will not have great innovations in terms of design. Apple has already reserved the best design for iPhone 8.

However, its hardware will be quite powerful. This will make the 7s plus a great investment and will be at least 200 dollars cheaper than Apple’s flagship device.

iPhone 7 is already the fastest smartphone on the market. It has passed each and every comparison with Samsung Galaxy S8 with flying colors.

A hardware upgrade will make it even more powerful.

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