1Blocker X abandons premium users on legacy version

1Blocker is one of the go-to native Ad Blockers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. But users seem to be uninstalling it from their devices en masse lately. Here’s why.

What went wrong with 1Blocker X? 

The developers behind 1Blocker recently teased a new improved version of their app.

Dubbed 1Blocker X, the advanced version of the old 1Blocker aims to bring better content blocking features to your Apple device. But here the catch – you must pay $4.99 to switch to the new version.

Paid upgrades are considered normal, especially on the iOS App Store. The reason behind this is that Apple doesn’t allow auto-upgrades for apps by the same developer.

Though 1Blocker X is a solid upgrade, the users didn’t take it kindly. Their main gripe is that the developers never pushed updates for the legacy version’s tracker list.

Moreover, some users who recently purchased the premium version complained that this update could have been shipped for the existing version instead of being implemented in a whole new app.

As for the developers, they didn’t do a great job of interacting with the users either. They announced a new version rather “abruptly” without any prior notice.

Is 1Blocker X worth an upgrade?

The new version is definitely worthwhile if you are looking for a powerful native content blocker.

It’s paid and might be a bit on the expensive for several users, especially for those who still use the legacy version.

If you are looking for an alternative, I would suggest going for Magic Lasso or FireFox Focus, both of which are available for free on the App Store.

‎Ad blocker by Magic Lasso
‎Ad blocker by Magic Lasso

For those who want a more powerful alternative, you can grab Weblock by FutureMind for $1.99.

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